Mormom masturbation after marriage

Jag kan förstå varför man går med i en sekt, som scientologisekten, eller att man som kristen lämnar den avkristnade svenska kyrkan för frikyrkor, men vad är det med mormonism som lockar folk att konvertera? Fighting a homophobe this Sunday on Pay-Per-View! What happens to us after we die? The church is literary creating a 'rape culture' where its better for the husband to rape his wife than for him to masturbate; and where young women, who dress immodestly, is responsible for the inappropriate conduct of the young men. And while we're at it, Shia Lebuff:

Varför blir man mormon?

Alina Lopez: From the Mormon Church to Porn

Why does man-on-man fighting make me horny? How did they meet? How do lesbians know when to end sex? I'm beyond pissed right now. Brud - Avsugning - Närbild - Erotiskt - Tabu. Also, the intricacies of eating ass.


  • Keenan 28 days ago

    hey anyone else think the camera work was trash?

  • Charles 6 days ago

    not saying "hose it down" wasn't exactly going to ruin the scene

  • Dakota 3 days ago

    This ubiquitous POV style is getting seriously annoying. Be a little inventive with the camera angles, please