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Responders, quasi responders and non-responders had mean cross-sectional areas for type I 1,; 1,; μm 2type IIA 1,; 2,; 1, μm 2 and type IIB 1,; 1,; 1, μm 2 fibers, respectively. Dietary creatine monohydrate supplementation increases satellite cell mitotic activity during compensatory hypertrophy. For example there are three proposed inter-individual responses to creatine supplementation: Further analyses revealed the creatine-protein group increased bench press strength to a significantly greater degree than the creatine and placebo groups. Creatine Supplementation in Older Adults Research appears to be equivocal regarding the effects of creatine supplementation in older adults.

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VJD developed the concept and wrote the review paper.

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Potential Problems with Creatine Supplementation in Older Adults The use of questionable methodologies may account for the lack of significant performance improvements following creatine supplementation in older adults, but physiological variables may also account for the non-significant findings. Creatine supplementation improves muscular performance in older men. With age comes a shift in muscle fiber composition, resulting in a greater percentage of type I fibers which may affect energy metabolism[ 30 ]. Table 2 Comparative analyses of high energy phosphate levels in younger and older adults prior to and following creatine supplementation. Effects of creatine supplementation and exercise training on fitness in men yr old. Total number, size and proportion of different fiber types studied in whole vastus lateralis muscle from to year-old men. Scand J Clin Lab Invest.

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